boxie (_boxie) wrote in puurdy_catz,


My person found a place that allows her to upload pics so now I can show off how cute I am. Well, at least that's what she says I am. I say I'm handsome. She took these with her webcam, so I know they aren't as good as they would be if they'd been taken with a digital, but it's a start. I was laying in one of my most favorite places, on the box she has on the bottom shelf of her computer desk. I'm close to her and it's one of the best seats in the house when it comes to listening to music!

(x-posted to several places) I am!

Seuss just *had* to get in on the picture action. He can't stand it when I receive attention and he doesn't. So my person was nice and got one him too. He's such a nudge.

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